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What if it Were You?

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"What if it Were You?" is a community HIV/AIDS awareness project and youth AIDS poster contest dedicated to promoting every-day awareness, compassion, education and support for HIV/AIDS in Madison, Wisconsin. Not only are we providing AIDS awareness and education to youth in our schools, but we also strive diligently to reduce the social stigmas of HIV/AIDS, while addressing some core issues in the fight against AIDS. Some of the issues we address that drive the epidemic are, racism, homophobia, poverty, domestic violence and addiction. It is important that youth and adults for that matter, understand the correlation between these issues and HIV/AIDS. We hope that you will take the time to visit our resources page and learn about the various AIDS organizations throughout Wisconsin and in the city of Madison. By visiting their sites, you can get an HIV test, find clean needle exchanges, get facts about HIV/AIDS and STDs, volunteer in the fight against AIDS, donate and so much more. We've even included a few fun National organizations where you can purchase cool products that generate money in the fight against HIV/AIDS throughout the United States and Internationally.

Thank you for your time, support and compassion!

"Compassion is our cure."

~Bob Bowers-Founder and President of HIVictorious, Inc.

Dear Friends,

Bob Bowers' work in Madison high schools to raise awareness about HIV has been very important to our community.  Bob puts a human face on the issue and he inspires all of us to think about how this challenge can be overcome, not how it might overcome us.  And I have no doubt that by raising awareness he has saved lives.  I'm so impressed with this work that I proudly hang the winners of his annual What if it were you? poster contest in my office to remind me of this issue every day. 

Madison Mayor
Dave Cieslewicz

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Power Surge

by Bob Ickes

Collin Burke, a high school senior from Madison, Wisconsin, says he took art class “by accident.” The teacher soon had Burke and his classmates entering the “What If It Were You?” AIDS-poster contest. “We had to demonstrate ‘What would you do if you found you had AIDS,’ ” says Burke, 18. “My poster expresses that I would try to make the world understand the facts. You know, like a lightbulb going on.” He took first place out of 100 competitors; the poster (left) will decorate buses, hair salons and diners throughout Madison. Says AIDS activist Bob Bowers, who sponsors the program through, “We picked Collin’s poster and thought we knew everything about him—until he was interviewed by the media and we found out that his uncle died of AIDS before he was born.” Says Burke: “I wish I had known him.”