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Houston, Texas USA
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Bob Bowers' Service Dog, Sir Duke Bowers, website:

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Dear Friends,

It is my great honor and pleasure to provide my strongest reference for Mr. Bob Bowers. I encourage any church, school, civic group or business to invite him to make a presentation about his life and HIV/AIDS. I know your audience members will gain much from Bob’s inspiring and hopeful journey. Even today, secrecy still surrounds HIV/AIDS. Fortunately, is a leading HIV/AIDS educator, ambassador and spokesperson. Through his speeches, Web sites and new documentary film about his life called The Fire Within, Bob is providing much needed leadership in the areas of HIV awareness and prevention. In addition, by living his life with great humor, integrity, strength and purpose, Bob has bridged the gap between diverse groups of individuals and in so doing, has lessened the stigma and discrimination that is so often associated with HIV/AIDS.

Very best wishes,
~Neil Willenson~
Founder and CEO of Camp Heartland

bob bowers hiv aids positively aware magazine cover

Youth HIV/AIDS educator Bob Bowers featured on the
cover of Positively Aware Magazine

"I remind myself and you, I am not a victim,
I am not an AIDS patient, I am a survivor!"

~ Bob Bowers

One Tough Pirate Bob Bowers Website

Hey Bob,

Your connection happens with so many kids as you make it REAL while  you speak your truth and tell your story with words they hear. You are truly an old soul with much wisdom and a big heart! Thanks for doing what you do and making it electric!


Dear Friends,

If you haven't met Bob Bowers or heard him speak, you have missed an inspirational man with a profound message for life. At opening ceremonies of AIDS Walk Wisconsin his remarks have energized thousands of people to increase their commitment to the fight against AIDS. He is a wonderful educator and a powerful advocate who exemplifies the new reality that people with HIV disease have the opportunity to live long, healthy and productive lives. I commend Bob to you as a man of the highest integrity whose dedication and leadership are making a big difference in this epic battle against AIDS.

Doug Nelson
President and CEO
AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin

Bob is a powerful and motivating public speaker on HIV/AIDS. Students are asked to nominate the best panel of the semester, and consistently Bob is voted the ‘best’ by students. Students listen and he is able to sustain their attention throughout the presentation. Mr. Bowers is very knowledgeable about HIV/AIDS and presents accurate information. In addition, he is warm and earns the respect of students.

Patricia A. Tackett, Ph.D.
San Diego State University

Hello Bob,
Thank you for your love and support. You are and always have been an inspiration for me. I feel that we both have continuously been fighting a difficult war and are finally seeing some results. Keep up the wonderful work as you make a huge difference. This world is better with you in it.
Eric B.

We had the pleasure of having Bob speak for three sessions during our bloodborne pathogen training this year. Bob shed a clear, real and caring light on what it means to live with HIV. Our law enforcement personnel found his presentation to be very enlightening and open. Bob also put a face to what has always been the "what if" for our officers. One of the most important pieces of our training this year was learning the importance of not judging/evaluating a person and their health status by the way they look. On a personal note, I am blessed to have met Bob. He is an inspiration to me and a teacher of some of life's most important lessons.

Marsha Present
DNR Safety Manager
Safety & Risk Management
Human Resources

"When Bowers speaks and looks at his listeners through his black plastic, rectangular frame glasses, there is a realness and honesty that draw his listeners in. He doesn’t have the smooth finesse of a professional speaker or educator, and he admits it. But it doesn’t matter, because he easily establishes a rapport with his listeners by being generous and at ease with himself and his story. And listening to Bowers speak, you believe him – without a doubt."

--Uyenthi Tran of The Madison Times

History of HLTSAD

The first HIV Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day June 5, 2014. Tez Anderson started it, a long-term survivor living with HIV since 1983. He is the founder of Let’s Kick ASS—AIDS Survivor Syndrome (LKA)."

The Fire Within Documentary HIV AIDS movies filmsDVD

Gritty, raw and very real, The Fire Within is a compelling feature-length documentary chronicling a year in the life of long-term AIDS survivor Bob Bowers.

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